KDJ-ONE Manual



Max. Polyphony 64 voices
Waveform Memory 14 MB (Extendable)
Waveform 240 Types (Multi-Layered)
Oscillator 2 Units 10 algorithms
Filter 7 Types
Modulator 4 Units, 10 Algorithms (Including Step Modulator)
Num. of Programs Preset: 200 Synth Patches, 100 Drum Kits, 100 Audio Clips
Max. Audio Volume 1 GB Per Project
Effects 20 Types, 2 Systems for Each Track, and Master Effect


Tracks / Pattern 6
Resolution 384 tick / Quarter Note
Tempo 40 - 400
Recording Mode Loop (Real Time) Recording,
Step Recording, Automation Recording
Score Editing Mode Piano Roll
Pattern Length 999 Bars
Song Length 9,999 Bars
Number of Patterns 999 Per Project
Number of Songs 99 Per Project


Keypad 16 keys with velocity, Octave Up/Down, Volume Up/Down, and Tap Tempo Button
Controller D Pad, Button x 4, Jog Dial x 1, Analog Stick
Case Size 174.2 mm x 115.5mm x 29.5mm
Weight 480 g

Hardware Specifications

Display 5.0 inch with Multi-Touch Panel
Main Memory 512 MBytes
Storage 4.0 GBytes
Battery Lithium Ion Battery 7.4V 3,000mAh
Connection USB 2.0 host x 1, mirco USB x 1
Audio I/O Phone, Mic In, Line In/Out
Speaker 2.0 W (1.0 W + 1.0 W Stereo) 250 Hz - 20,000 Hz

*The information above may be modified without any further notice because of improvements made to the final product.